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Hearing Voices Queensland - Paradise for your Recovery

Vision and Mission.




Starting a Hearing Voices Group is not brain surgery, but it does involve commitment during the planning and set up stages.

talk to us to discuss your needs and how we can support you.

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Maastricht Voices Training

This workshop provides training for professionals and facilitators in mental health care by voice hearers in working with people who hear voices. The method involves accepting and making sense of voices on the basis of the voice hearing experience as a means of providing both relief and the possibility of recovery. The workshop provides also an opportunity for the workers to understand the underlying principles of the approach through tracing its history and evidence of success, and develop practice of interviewing and basic skills in working with voice hearers.

Contact us for full details of our master classes led by Peter Bullimore Founder of the Maastricht centre of excellence in the United Kingdom. 

The Hearing Voices Approach is not about trying to get rid of your voices. It’s about changing the relationship you have with them. Dealing with fear, anger and shame. Getting support where you need it. Learning to get control.

Our approach is based on Prof Marius Romme and Sandra Escher’s research which found that many people hear voices without distress or ever needing to seek mental health services. Voice hearers who cope have different skills, beliefs and supports, compared to those in distress. Hearing Voices Groups are a safe environment that encourages interdependency, the intrinsic value of a shared lived experience and self empowerment within individuals

Locally, nationally and internationally, Hearing Voices Qld objectives are to establish, facilitate and support self help groups across Queensland while providing information/education for voice hearers, carers and the general community.

The principle roles of Hearing Voices Networks are

1.To support and develop local Hearing Voices Support Groups

2.Raise awareness of the hearing voices approach

3.To campaign for human rights and social justice for people who hear voices

4.To provide information, advice and support to people who hear voices, their family, friends 5.To provide training and education for mental health services and practitioners

Our Mission

Recovery For all

the earth


In Community

For community


In the future

                                                           Hope in Action 

        Hearing Voices group Facilitator workshops

Gold Coast and Cairns new groups are being developed following great community participation.

Do you need a group in your area? Talk to us about our community development and facilitation workshops.

                         Queensland wide network  - GET INVOLVED  NOW !

                                                            Dr Rufus May



Hearing Voices Qld

Find your inner power by helping others

Hearing Voices Qld could not operate without the support of great International, national and local partners.

Supporters include

Salvation Army -Tom Quinn Centre Bundaberg

Central Queensland University.

PIR North Brisbane

PIR Toowoomba

PIR Sunhine Coast & Gympie



Centacare CQ

Centacare NQ

HVNA Richmond Fellowshio WA

Paranoia Network UK

Asylum Associates.


Approach & GROUPS

 Connecting Communities -Creating independence

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A New and exciting magazine ,well worth a read .Edited by Luke Myers,an advocate for mental health and wellbeing,BMH is a fresh approach to awareness.


Hearing Voices Qld

Partnering with members in your community to make a difference

Hearing Voices Qld devotes its energy to passionately advocating education across all sectors of community for the inclusion and understanding of those that hear voices.

The aspiration of Hearing Voices Qld, is a state version of the HVNA, which is to evolve into a state network, bringing together the efforts of the states groups, voice hearers’ families and HV allies, to create a strong channel of influence, and to reinforce the message that voice hearing, by itself, is a normal human experience which, for some, is distressing and disabling but, importantly, there is hope for self-empowerment and self mastery over the experience – that is that ‘recovery can and does happen’.(HVNA)

Hearing Voices Qld